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Vita Community

For Residential Group Homes and Senior Apartments managed by Vita, please call 416-749-6234. Scroll down for list.

Residential Group Homes for seniors and disability individuals:

Apted Home

29 Apted Avenue, Toronto, ON, M9L 2P2

Phone: 416-740-4731

Alamosa (MensSana)

7 Alamosa Drive, Toronto, ON, M2J 2N6

Phone: 416-224-9972

Avening Home

77 Avening Drive, Toronto, ON, M9V 1Y4

Phone: 416-743-7182

Blue Springs Home

27 Blue Springs Road, Toronto, ON, M6L 2T5

Phone: 416-245-1870

Culford Home

106 Culford Road, Toronto, ON, M6M 4K3

Phone: 416-247-5650

Crocus Home

154 Crocus Drive, Toronto, ON, M1R 4T1

Phone: 416-443-2616




Bello Apartment # 306

1500 Keele Street, Toronto, ON, M6N 5A9

Phone: 416-656-4870

Casa Del Zotto

3010 Dufferin St, #102, Toronto, ON, M6B 4G3

Phone: 416-783-6224

Caboto Terrace

3050 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON, M6B 4G3

Phone: 416-789-7654