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Accommodation Rates for Long-Term Care Homes in Ontario

Table - Fees

Type of Accommodation Co-Payment Daily Amount Co-Payment Monthly Amount
Permanent Beds Basic or Standard $53.23 $1,619.08
Semi-Private $61.23 $1,862.41
Private $71.23 $2,166.58
Short Stay/Vacation Care Usually a basic room $34.63 per day $1,053.33
  • Services such as, cable TV, phone and hairdressing can be purchased for an additional fee.
  • Permanent residents in basic accommodation who would like a further rate reduction can complete a rate reduction application, which is available from the Home Administrator, for consideration.
  • There is a government benefit called "Exceptional Circumstances" geared towards couples with lower incomes or those who live separately. For more information regarding this benefit you are encouraged to contact your local Community Care Access Center.