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Capacity Assessments

The Capacity Assessment Office is the only body that trains the assessors designated under the Substitute Decisions Act, it is the only accurate source of assessors. To get a list for your region of Ontario you can fax, phone or mail:

Capacity Assessment Office
595 Bay St., Suite 800
Toronto, ON
M5G 2M6
Phone 416: 327 6766
or 1 866 521 1033
Fax 416: 327 6724
Visit their website

Tests of capacity under the Substitute Decisions Act are not medical but legal tests, and fees are not covered by Ontario's health system.

Capacity assessing is a little-known topic for most people. People do not always understand when an assessment is required or is even useful. Calling the Capacity Assessment Office offers the public an opportunity to discuss the request so that good information is available before money is spent.