Facts and figures for Long Term Care in Ontario

The information below is from the Ontario Long Term Care Association Portal:

Ontario's long-term care residents (2015-2016)

  • 97% of residents need help with daily activities such as getting out of bed, eating, or toileting; 1 in 3 are highly or entirely dependent on staff 
  • 97% of residents have two or more chronic conditions such as arthritis or heart disease
  • 90% have some form of cognitive impairment; 1 in 3 are severely impaired
  • 46% exhibit some level of aggressive behaviour related to their cognitive impairment or mental health condition
  • 61% take 10 or more different prescription medications
  • 58% use a wheelchair
  • 40% have a mood disorder such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia
  • 38% need monitoring for an acute medical condition

Source: Excerpted from This is Long-Term Care 2016 by the Ontario Long Term Care Association. Data references are available in the report.

Ontario's long-term care homes (October 2017)

  • 625 homes are homes licensed and approved to operate in Ontario
  • 58% of homes are privately owned, 23% are non-profit/charitable, 16% are municipal
  • About 40% of long-term care homes are small, with 96 or fewer beds
  • Of these small homes, about 47% are located in rural communities that often have limited home care or retirement home option
  • 77,477 long-stay beds are allocated to provide care, accommodation and services to frail seniors who require permanent placement
  • 617 convalescent care beds are allocated to provide short-term care as a bridge between hospitalization and a patient's home
  • 355 beds are allocated to provide respite to families who need a break from caring 24/7 for their loved one
  • Approximately 300 of the province's long-term care homes are older and need to be redeveloped (more than 30,000 beds)
  • The average time to placement in long-term care, as of October 2017, is 143 days 
  • The wait list for long-stay beds, as of October 2017, is 32,775

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Sources: Long-Term Care Utilization Report, October 2017, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care; Ontario Long Term Care Association, internal database, 2017.