"The Most Successful People Make Room For Rest"

"Overwork is one of the great problems of modern life. The pace of business is accelerating, companies demand longer hours, smartphones (link is external) allow us to carry the office around with us 24/7, and being busy is a badge of honor. But while overwork now has the quality of a public health crisis, for professionals, entrepreneurs and executives in America it’s nothing new. In 1878, a doctor lamented in the New York Times that rest was a "forgotten art (link is external)." In the 1890s, Harvard philosopher William James lamented Americans’ love of overwork, and argued his fellow citizens would be more productive if they embraced “the gospel of relaxation (link is external)."

But one of the early twentieth century's most consistent critics of chronic busyness and overwork (link is external) was one of the most unexpected: Bertie Forbes, the pioneering business journalist and founder of Forbes magazine."

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