"Are You Predisposed to Success?"

By admin - Published on Wednesday, 09 September 2015 09:44

"DNA is the source code that determines who we are—it’s what makes us, us. So is there a “DNA” to top achievers? Is there a common “gene” that successful people all have?

If we could get to their DNA, there are things that would be at the core and fiber of all their beings. These are the genes we would find, the qualities successful people share:..."

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"Young Woman Approaches Elder Eating Alone, Now Have Weekly Lunch Date"

By admin - Published on Wednesday, 09 September 2015 09:40

"Many of us have been there: we see a senior citizen eating alone and think, maybe I should go talk to them, or sit with them…but we’re not sure what the response will be.

Brooke Oacha of  Texas,  decided it was worth a try—and the elderly lady sitting at the “table for one” by herself...."

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"Blood Cells “Retrained” to Destroy Cancer, Lead Again to Full Remission"

By admin - Published on Wednesday, 09 September 2015 09:25

"Scientists have been able to put a virtually incurable disease into complete remission by altering patients’ blood cells inside the body to fight the stubborn cancer."

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By admin - Published on Tuesday, 01 September 2015 14:02

A bond, in the deepest sense of the word, is a relationship shared, that’s solid, unbreakable and without doubt. Time and distance can't erase the memory of it, and its creation is born entirely out of a mutually intimate, pleasurable or vulnerable experience. Once the bond has been created, respect and love becomes perpetual, regardless of each other's life circumstances.

 …When it comes to one's self, the only thing that matters is your self-perception and the perception those important to you.

Bernard R.

"The Scars of Masculinity"

By admin - Published on Tuesday, 11 August 2015 16:26

"Men, as a whole, are not generally considered or portrayed as an “at risk” group in our society. And, with male privilege and patriarchy being what they are, there’s good reason for that. But when we look at the numbers, there is clearly something going on with men..."

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