Facts and figures for Long Term Care in Ontario

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The information below is from the Ontario Long Term Care Association Portal:

Ontario's long-term care residents (2015-2016)

  • 97% of residents need help with daily activities such as getting out of bed, eating, or toileting; 1 in 3 are highly or entirely dependent on staff 
  • 97% of residents have two or more chronic conditions such as arthritis or heart disease
  • 90% have some form of cognitive impairment; 1 in 3 are severely impaired
  • 46% exhibit some level of aggressive behaviour related to their cognitive impairment or mental health condition
  • 61% take 10 or more different prescription medications
  • 58% use a wheelchair
  • 40% have a mood disorder such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia
  • 38% need monitoring for an acute medical condition

Source: Excerpted from This is Long-Term Care 2016 by the Ontario Long Term Care Association. Data references are available in the report.

Ontario's long-term care homes (October 2017)

  • 625 homes are homes licensed and approved to operate in Ontario
  • 58% of homes are privately owned, 23% are non-profit/charitable, 16% are municipal
  • About 40% of long-term care homes are small, with 96 or fewer beds
  • Of these small homes, about 47% are located in rural communities that often have limited home care or retirement home option
  • 77,477 long-stay beds are allocated to provide care, accommodation and services to frail seniors who require permanent placement
  • 617 convalescent care beds are allocated to provide short-term care as a bridge between hospitalization and a patient's home
  • 355 beds are allocated to provide respite to families who need a break from caring 24/7 for their loved one
  • Approximately 300 of the province's long-term care homes are older and need to be redeveloped (more than 30,000 beds)
  • The average time to placement in long-term care, as of October 2017, is 143 days 
  • The wait list for long-stay beds, as of October 2017, is 32,775

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Sources: Long-Term Care Utilization Report, October 2017, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care; Ontario Long Term Care Association, internal database, 2017.

"Confronting Caplitalism: Revolutionary Education"

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"When the president of The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS), Alain Badiou gave his first seminar for the school, entitled, “Badiou on Badiou” he kept reiterating the seminal foundation on which a struggle for our time could be built.

“The question for our time, is always the question of ideology and organization,” Badiou would say. For Badiou, ideology, within the Marxist tradition, is central. Louis Althusser was Badiou’s teacher, and the former defined the term thusly, “Ideology is the system of the ideas and representations which dominate the mind of a man or a social group”. Philosophy for Badiou is always a question of breaking with the dominant ideological structures. This rupture or “break” is crucial for building an affirmative struggle today. But a singular break, although necessary, is not sufficient in and of itself. What is necessary is organization, that is, a way of sustaining an alternative to dominant ideology."

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When you don't pay employees decent wages there is no disposable income to keep afloat businesses

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"Toys R Us will close or sell all its 885 stores in the US after failing to find a buyer, putting about 30,000 jobs under threat.

Chief executive Dave Brandon said it was a "profoundly sad day" for the retailer.

The giant toy-store chain was already in the process of closing one fifth of its shops after filing for bankruptcy protection last year.

......In the UK Toys R Us joins a long list of high-street retailers, including Maplin and Claire's, that have run into difficulties this year. Many have been hit by changes in consumer spending habits, a squeeze on disposable income...."

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"Top 8 natural remedies that would end most preventable diseases...."

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".......Nutritional deficiencies lead to hundreds of diseases and disorders – that is a known medical and scientific fact. Dehydration, inflammation, hypertension and stress are also catapults of other major health problems. Yet, most Americans don’t really want to hear the truth about their ailments, because deep down inside they know that means they have to make some major changes to their eating and drinking habits."

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"Ten ideas that made 100 million"

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"Chances are, just about anyone you talk with will have an idea for a business that they think can make millions. Although business pitches may be easy to come by, turning those ideas into wins is a whole new ballgame. However, many entrepreneurs with simple ideas and humble beginnings have been able to ......."

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