"The mind-body connection"

"The Lesson: It’s estimated that we have 60,000 thoughts a day. The disconcerting thing is that for most people, 95% of the thoughts they have today are the same thoughts they had yesterday. We create conditioned reflexes and responses (like fear) when we let ourselves be triggered by people and circumstances —and those are the building blocks of biochemical outcomes in the body, which can turn into physical disease. If you tell yourself that something is fun, and feel those emotions, then your body will manufacture the chemicals, like interferons, that can be “powerful anti-cancer drugs”.

Notable Excerpt: “The superstition is that what I can see and touch and taste and smell is the way things only are. That is wrong… Begin to see things as they really are. The physicist will tell you that the body is a dynamic field of energy, information and intelligence that is constantly renewing itself every second, and you, in fact, make a new body once a year… 98% of all the atoms come and go in less than one year. You make a new skin once a month, a new skeleton every three....."